subtexture mural at welling court walls


“It was just supposed to be a bike ride”

Danny and I got on our bikes and headed over to Astoria, Queens to check out the Welling Court Walls project and ended up getting some wall space! Organized by Adhoc Art, this is a public beautification project with walls transformed by a large group of internationally known street artists.

This was my first mural project! We literally found out about this on Sat afternoon. We were given some free paint (they actually had orange!) So we were able to tag the wall with some signature subtexture stripes. Then I went home and roughed out a design.
I wanted to do something with road signs, but my roadsign chicks wouldn’t have been appropriate for this space. The wall was located at the end of a short street and drivers could go either right or left – hence: “ANY WAY”

The background is made up of stencils made from tire tread designs and pointing hands.

We had great response from people from the neighborhood, even after we got burned for $20 by Joe, who did a reverse Tom Sawyer on us and took off with our beer money after painting for a few minutes. Other folks heard about us getting played and bought us beer!

Some Links

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More great pics from Jesse Jones on Facebook. (Thanks to Jesse for getting me involved!)

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